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Archive for July 2008

SQL Script – 25 largest tables in a database

July 14, 2008

Courtesy of Bill Graziano at Script allows you to see the top 25 largest tables in your database. Pretty handy if you are trying to figure why your MDF file is 1.7GB !! /************************************************************************************** * * BigTables.sql * Bill Graziano ( * * v1.1 * **************************************************************************************/ declare @id int declare @type character(2) declare […]

Installing PHP 5.x on Windows 2003 Std with FastCGI

July 8, 2008

I couldn’t find a concise guide on how to install PHP 5.x on Windows 2003 with FastCGI extensions until I found this blog. To summarise, here is what is needed 1. Download FastCGI component and PHP5.x NTS zip ( NTS = non thread safe, and make sure you do NOT download the PHP installer .exe, […]

Windows 2003 FTP ban scripts

July 7, 2008

Anyone who admins a Windows 2003 server with FTP access that must be opened to all ( e.g shared web hosting server ) will have encountered brute force FTP logins to the server. If you are using FTP via IIS ( which as shit as it is, is sometimes the only option ) then you […]